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Tweed Festival of Trees. Notice two “junior” singers who snuck in?

The chorus has been performing throughout the Quinte area for decades. These performances have mostly been civic and community appearances as a community service for the enjoyment of our audiences.

As a nonprofit organization, we always appreciate receiving honorariums to cover our expenses incurred in putting on a performance. However, we also are a volunteer ensemble and occasionally perform gratis at appropriate civic events.

When we perform, we frequently are able to offer one or more of our embedded quartets to provide the variety that spices up our musical presentation. And, of course, the songs from our large and diverse repertoire can be tailored to best fit any occasion.

Specific musical requests can be considered, however adequate practice time would have to be set aside to make sure it’s just the way you want it.

If you are coordinating a smaller event and need only a quartet to provide the entertainment, that can be arranged as well. Contact us today to spice up your next event!

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